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Our networks in globally comprises of Wolters Kluwer and PwC, regionally comprises of PwC and other associate firms within the Africa Central with professionals with Big Four firms' experience. We are proud that all our associate firms in Africa Central are locally-owned and that we are committed to the development and prosperity of the African people and economies. We also have strategic partnerships with Wolters Kluwer  and Information Active, to license and implement the following softwares:TeamMate an Audit Management System; and Active Data a Data Analysis tool in Africa Central.


TeamMate AM 


(Audit ManagementSystem)


The Industry Standard in Audit Management Software.

As the world’s leading audit management software, TeamMate has revolutionized the industry, empowering audit departments of all sizes to spend less time documenting and reviewing and more time providing value-added services.






TeamMate AM 


(Control Management System)


SOX Compliance Software that Defines Ease-of-Use and Flexibility

TeamMate CM is the SOX compliance software you have been waiting for to address SOX, A-123, and other financial reporting compliance standards. The highly flexible design and dynamic working view allow for quick access to relevant data and for performing multiple activities from a single screen. 


TeamMate Analysis


Auditors today are constantly challenged to reduce the time spent testing while adding more value to their organization and their clients. One way to accomplish this is by taking advantage of access to available data to identify unusual patterns and anomalies that provide focus to testing strategies.


Various tools available in the market are designed to help you extract and analyze data to assist in reporting potentially inefficient and ineffective processes, including fraud, waste, and abuse of corporate resources. 




Our area of service include:



A successful TeamMate Audit Management Software implementation will significantly enhance your organization's effectiveness.


IT Services

Our Services team has extensive IT consulting experience and is available to help jump-start your set up and use of TeamMate Audit Management Software with a wide range of IT services from implementation and installation to data migration, report creation, hosting and upgrade services.


Project Management

At TeamMate, our dedication to our clients goes well beyond the deployment of our audit management software. 


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